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923.08: Maciunas Ensemble: YoplaBoum + Permanent Wave 2LP+CD

923.09: Daniela Fromberg & Stefan Roigk: Unfamiliar Home LP


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Maciunas Ensemble: YoplaBoum + Permanent Wave

catalog no. 923.08
2LP & CD  2021

Third release by the Maciunas Ensemble on Edition Telemark after 1976 (2015) and the self-titled 50th anniversary LP from 2018. The group had been founded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1968 with the aim of realizing the score "Music for ...

Christopher A. Williams & Liminar: On Perpetual (Musical) Peace?

catalog no. 923.07
LP  2021

Christopher A. Williams (born 1981) is a contrabassist, composer and theorist of experimental and improvised music whose artistic research takes the form of both academic publications and practice-based projects. "On Perpetual (Musical) Peace?" ...

Conrad Schnitzler & Wolfgang Seidel: Music is not language. Neither is it painting. Just music.

catalog no. 923.06
LP  2021

A posthumous duo LP featuring text and music by Conrad Schnitzler, music by Wolfgang Seidel, and artwork by Matt Howarth! Conrad Schnitzler and Wolfgang Seidel have been musical collaborators since the early 1970s when Seidel performed in ...

Sven-Åke Johansson: Night Music (first recordings)

catalog no. 923.05
LP & 2CD  2021

"Night Music" unearthes Sven-Åke Johansson's very first recordings from 1964 – made with his Tandberg tape recorder in the Kronenburg Bar, a dive bar in the red-light district in Münster/Westfalen (West Germany). There he performed jazz versions ...

Philip Corner: Deutsche Bundesbahn

catalog no. 923.04
LP  2021

Two previously unreleased recordings from Philip Corner's "Gong/Ear" series of works. Side A was recorded on a South German night train ride in 1990, side B in the Alps in 1994. "Riding the rails. Down the Rhine at-night alone in a compartment ...

Seiji Morimoto / Yan Jun: ring + balance / solo with background

catalog no. 923.03
split LP  2021

The Festival Experimentelle Musik is a music festival in Munich, organized by Stephan Wunderlich and Edith Rom, that has been held annually in December since 1983. One of the festival's unique characteristics is the way the performances are ...

Peter Behrendsen: 10 x 15 = 30

catalog no. 923.02
LP  2020

Peter Behrendsen (b. 1943) is a Cologne-based radio producer, performer and composer of experimental music. He started concerning himself with electro-acoustic music in 1972, was a member of Josef Anton Riedl's ensemble and assistant to Klaus ...

Brianne Curran: Canyonleigh

catalog no. 923.01
7" EP  2020

Brianne Curran is an improvising violinist from Sydney (Guringai Country, 'Australia'), and is currently based in Berlin. She was leader of the world/jazz quintet Takadimi and has worked in groups such as the Splinter Orchestra and the Krakow ...

Andrea Tippel: Peculiar Songs

catalog no. 903.09
7"  2020

Andrea Tippel was born in 1945 in Hirsau in the Black Forest and grew up as the middle of three sisters in Bremen. Her parents were the architects Maria Alexandra Mahlberg and Klaus Tippel. In 1969, she became a state-certified actress, then studied ...

Sven-Åke Johansson: Seewetter

catalog no. 903.08
LP  2020

Marine weather reports recorded from radio broadcasts by Sven-Åke Johansson in 1970 at the Kollektiv für Kommunikative und Ästhetische Forschung in Mariental, Lower Saxony, Germany. Edition of 300 with printed inner sleeve containing liner notes ...

MND / Schlangenfeuer: Freedom Suite

catalog no. 903.07
Double LP  2020

The Kollektiv für Kommunikative und Ästhetische Forschung was an artist commune that existed for about 2 years around 1970 in a former monastery in Mariental (Lower Saxony), West Germany, close to the then inner-German border. It was founded by ...

V.A.: Kparr Dirè. Balafon Music from Lobi Country

catalog no. 903.06
LP & DVD  2020

LP plus DVD with full-length movie (125 minutes) of Balafon music of the Lobi people, recorded in and around Gaoua, Burkina Faso, on a two-week journey in June 2014, by Dirk Dresselhaus (alias Schneider TM), Julian Kamphausen and Arved Schultze. ...

PHREN: Duos auf präparierten Instrumenten / Duos on prepared instruments

catalog no. 903.05
LP  2019

Edition Telemark proudly presents the first vinyl LP since 1989 by Munich's long-running ensemble for experimental music, PHREN, formed in 1968 by Michael Kopfermann. Informed by the musical avant-garde at the time and especially the problems ...

Stefan Fricke & Alper Maral: Am Grabe (At the Grave)

catalog no. 903.04
Double LP  2019

Am Grabe (At the Grave) is an ongoing audio ritual executed by Stefan Fricke and Alper Maral. Since 2015, they have been visiting the graves and burial grounds of composers from various eras in order to record the sounds and noises present. Each ...

Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik: Church WAVES

catalog no. 903.03
LP & DVD  2019

WAVES is an ongoing research project by Dutch artists Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik that involves so-called shakers, a kind of loudspeakers that reproduce sound frequencies as vibrations, attached to long strings. Started in 2010, the project ...

Arturas Bumšteinas: Bad Weather Long Play

catalog no. 903.02
LP  2019

Co-release with Operomanija (OP-003)

"Bad Weather" is a performative sound art event of a group of performers engaging with reconstructions of Baroque theater noise machines. The project started in 2017 when Lithuanian artist Arturas Bumšteinas teamed up with theater carpenter ...

The Oval Language: Waldkonzerte

catalog no. 903.01
Double LP  2019

Second LP release by The Oval Language on Edition Telemark after "Hibernation" in 2017, this time showcaseing Klaus-Peter John's Waldkonzerte (woodland concerts), recorded in 2016. The Oval Language is an autonomous art project founded in 1987 in ...

William Engelen: 32 bpm

catalog no. 864.09
LP  2019

Co-release with Kunsthalle Mannheim (ISBN 978-3-89165-241-1)

After "Today, the organ has played beautifully again", released earlier in 2019, Edition Telemark presents the second instalment of what will become a series of LPs of sound works by Dutch artist William Engelen. "32 bpm" was recorded at Kunsthalle ...

Sven-Åke Johansson & Simon James Phillips: Songs from Elsewhere

catalog no. 864.08
LP  2019

Duo recordings by Sven-Åke Johansson (vocals) and Simon James Phillips (piano), made in 2017 in Johansson's studio in Berlin. "Simon arrived in my studio with songs by Jean Sibelius to try out. However, being bad at singing from sheet music, I ...

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler: Zwischen den Tönen

catalog no. 864.07
Double LP  2019

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler (b. 1934) is a German composer of minimalist and reductionist contemporary music. Since the early 1960s, he has been developing a unique compositional style that draws on minimalist structures and repetitions, though not in ...

Barbara Proksch: OPTO_PHON

catalog no. 864.06
LP  2019

Barbara Proksch (born 1943 in Berlin, living in Salching, Lower Bavaria) is a German visual artist. After having studied Lettering and Illustration, she first worked in graphic design and theatrical painting before in 1982 deciding to become a ...

William Engelen: Today, the organ has played beautifully again

catalog no. 864.05
Double LP  2019

William Engelen (born 1964 in Weert, The Netherlands) is a sound and visual artist living and working in Berlin. After having studied visual arts, his focus shifted over time from solely visual to multi-disciplinary works that oscillate between ...

Werner Dafeldecker: Small Worlds

catalog no. 864.04
LP  2019

"Small Worlds" (2004) a is 42-minute composition for improvising sextet by Austrian double bassist, composer and improviser Werner Dafeldecker. The score is written for any instrument and divides the players into two virtual trios whose ...

Robin Hayward: Words of Paradise

catalog no. 864.03
LP Picture Disc  2019

Robin Hayward (b. 1969 in Brighton, England) is a tuba player and composer based in Berlin. Since the 1990s, he has been concerning himself with experimental and radical playing techniques on brass instruments, initially through the discovery of the ...

Populäre Mechanik: Hi-Fi Is Sweeping the Country!

catalog no. 864.02
Double LP  2018

Populäre Mechanik is an improvisational group from Berlin playing a unique amalgam of Fluxus-inspired garage rock, free jazz, and live electronics. It was originally founded in the early 1980s by Wolfgang Seidel who had previously been the original ...

Takako Saito: Spontaneous Music

catalog no. 864.01
Double LP  2018

Takako Saito (born 1929) is a Japanese artist closely related with Fluxus. In the 1950s, she participated in the "Creative Art Education" movement where she met later Fluxus fellow Ay-O. In 1963, she moved to New York where she was introduced to ...

die ANGEL: Yön Magneetti Sine

catalog no. 785.09
LP  2018

Edition Telemark presents the ninth album by die ANGEL (pronounced [diː ˈaŋl̩], previously called Angel), an improvisational noise and electro-acoustic project founded in 1999 by Dirk Dresselhaus and Ilpo Väisänen. Dresselhaus, a.k.a. ...

Maciunas Ensemble: s/t

catalog no. 785.08
LP  2018

The Maciunas Ensemble was founded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, in 1968 as a free improvisational music group that set out to realize the score "Music for Everyman" by Fluxus initiator George Maciunas, which they interpreted as allowing total ...

hans w. koch: the O. theorem

catalog no. 785.07
LP  2018

hans w. koch (b. 1962) is a Cologne-based composer, performer, and sound artist. His work encompasses pieces for chamber and large orchestra, experimental scores for instruments, computers and everyday objects, sound installations, electronic music, ...

Ben Patterson: The Lost Tape & The Three Required Musics

catalog no. 785.06
LP  2018

"Radiophonic minutes of the search for a probably lost tape piece, and a reconstruction thereof with real instruments." Produced by Hessischer Rundfunk (Hessian Broadcasting Corporation), Germany, in 2015. When future Fluxus artist Ben Patterson ...

Joe Jones: Solar Music Tent

catalog no. 785.05
LP  2018

LP reissue of the cassette edition "Solar Music Tent" documenting an installation and performance in Hagen, Germany, originally released by Joe Jones in 1982 in an edition of 10 copies. From the early 1980s onwards, Joe Jones released a handful of ...

Paul Panhuysen: Long String Installations

catalog no. 785.04
Triple LP  2018

After two LPs in 2014 and 2017, Edition Telemark now turns to the group of works that is probably the most well-known within the vast oeuvre of Dutch sound and visual artist Paul Panhuysen (1934–2015): his long string installations. Using this ...

Herman de Vries and the Eschenau Chaos Band: s/t

catalog no. 785.03
LP  2018

"at the summer party on the occasion of my soon-to-be 80th birthday, many friends came. as it said on the invitation: 'the eschenau chaos band will play.' while the party was going on, people asked me when that band would be playing, and i replied: ...

Tonaliens: s/t

catalog no. 785.02
Double LP  2017

Tonaliens is a Berlin-based group investigating the inner dimensions and outer limits of Just Intonation. It was formed in 2014 by Amelia Cuni (voice), Werner Durand (invented wind instruments), Robin Hayward (microtonal tuba), Hilary Jeffery ...

The Oval Language: Hibernation

catalog no. 785.01
LP  2017

The Oval Language is an autonomous art project founded in 1987 in Leipzig, East Germany, by Klaus-Peter John and Frank Berendt, and continued to this day by John. Its fields of activity are multifaceted and have included sound-noise performances, ...

Thomas Müller: not a bird / transcarnation one

catalog no. 628.09
LP  2017

Thomas Müller (b. 1970 in Munich) is a Berlin-based video artist, experimental musician, painter, and photographer. For an exhibition in 2005, he burned three of his oil paintings and displayed the resulting pile of ashes as a sculpture entitled ...

Paul Panhuysen: Twenty-Three Carillon Sudokus (Number Made Visible – Number Made Audible)

catalog no. 628.08
LP  2017

"Carillon Sudokus" is the sonic counterpart to "Oog & Oor" (Eye & Ear), the last work that Dutch sound and visual artist Paul Panhuysen (1934–2015) realized. Oog & Oor was a design made with his daughter Sappho Panhuysen for a ...

Terry Fox: 552 Steps Through 11 Pairs of Strings

catalog no. 628.07
Double LP  2017

When Terry Fox went from San Francisco to Europe in 1972, he discovered the great pavement labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. It consists of 11 concentric rings with 552 steps and 34 turns leading into the center. The discovery of the labyrinth became ...

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler: Kanon / Torsi

catalog no. 628.06
LP  2017

Ernstalbrecht Stiebler (b. 1934) is a German composer of minimalist and reductionist contemporary music. His name is still most closely associated with his long-time position as radio editor and producer for New Music at the Hessian Broadcasting ...

Peter Behrendsen: Nachtflug / Atem des Windes

catalog no. 628.05
LP  2017

Peter Behrendsen (b. 1943) is a Cologne-based radio producer, performer and composer of experimental music. He started concerning himself with electro-acoustic music in 1972, was a member of Josef Anton Riedl's ensemble and assistant to Klaus ...

Joe Jones: A Garden Party

catalog no. 628.04
LP  2016

On 26 June 1983, Joe Jones set up a solar orchestra in Erik Andersch's garden in Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Guests were invited for a dinner party to listen to the orchestra. The music was recorded and the event documented by ...

Argo: Flüchtige Musik

catalog no. 628.03
Double LP  2016

The trio Argo was formed in Darmstadt in 1985 by Hans Essel (violin), Marit Hoffmann (viola), and Thomas Stett (clarinet). It existed until 2016 when it was forced to an end by the untimely death of Stett. Argo set out to explore new ways of free ...

Amelia Cuni & Werner Durand: Diasporagas

catalog no. 628.02
LP  2016

Amelia Cuni was born in Milan and has lived in India for more than 10 years where she studied dhrupad singing with various renowned masters. Werner Durand has been performing his own music for saxophones, Iranian ney and self-made wind instruments ...

Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik: WAVES

catalog no. 628.01
Double 12"  2016

Petra Dubach and Mario van Horrik have been working together as an artistic duo in Eindhoven since 1983. Originally, they combined dance and music in concerts, performances and theater pieces, Dubach being a dancer and van Horrik making music. He is ...

Rainer Riehn: Chants de Maldoror

catalog no. 314.09
Double LP  2016

Rainer Riehn (1941–2015) was a German musicologist, conductor and composer of avant-garde music. He is best known for being the long-time partner and collaborator of Heinz-Klaus Metzger with whom he published the journal "Musik-Konzepte" between ...

Joe Jones: Solar Music at Sierksdorf, Ostsee

catalog no. 314.08
LP  2015

Solar Music by Joe Jones, performed and recorded early morning April 1, 1984, on the Baltic Sea beach of Sierksdorf in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. This recording was originally published as a tape by Edition Hundertmark in an edition of 15 copies ...

Maciunas Ensemble: 1976

catalog no. 314.07
LP  2015

The Maciunas Ensemble was founded in 1968 by Dutch musicians and sound artists Paul Panhuysen, Remko Scha and Jan van Riet. It has existed ever since, though having gone through a number of membership changes until today. The group's intention was ...

Hans Essel: Zeitfalten

catalog no. 314.05
Double LP Picture Disc  2015

After 2013's Saitensack LP, this edition showcases another long-running project by Darmstadt-based composer Hans Essel (b. 1948). Zeitfalten (time folds) is music for tape machines: Using a Revox A77 reel tape recorder, the tape is led around a ...

Hans Rudolf Zeller: s/t

catalog no. 314.04
LP  2014

Hans Rudolf Zeller (b. 1934 in Berlin) is best-known for being a music theorist, essayist and writer on contemporary music. His essays on Dieter Schnebel, Iannis Xenakis, microtonality etc., often published in the German journal "Musik-Konzepte", ...

Paul Panhuysen: Pendulum Change Ringing

catalog no. 314.03
LP  2014

First vinyl LP edition by Dutch sound and visual artist Paul Panhuysen since 1986. In terms of sound art, Paul Panhuysen is well-known for his long string installations, yet he has produced a vast amount of other sound installations using different ...

Wolf Vostell: Concert Fluxus Sara-Jevo

catalog no. 314.02
LP  2014

Co-release with Tochnit Aleph (catalog no. TA125)

Realized at Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca, Spain. September 9, 1994. Wolf Vostell: Actions, electronics, tapes Nancy Bellow: Soprano Mercedes Guardado: Ximbomba Edition of 450 in full-color gate-fold sleeve plus printed inner sleeve ...

Hans Essel: Saitensack

catalog no. 314.01
LP  2013

First-ever release for Darmstadt-based composer Hans Essel who has been active in improvised music and Grundlagenmusik (foundational music) for more than 20 years. This LP showcases his project Saitensack (string-bag) in which he develops new ways ...


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